Crucial 4GB DDR3-1333MHz UDIMM - Page 4

..:: PCMark Vantage ::..

The PCMark Vantage tests are a series of different applications and tasks that a typical consumer would utilize in their daily activities. These benchmarks are much better for real world performance differences than the previous synthetic benchmarks, and allow for different tasks and applications to be grouped together. To sum things up, we see a boost of 3-5% when moving from a single channel to a dual channel setup, and virtually no gain when moving to a triple channel setup. The largest gains in performance are found in benchmarks that are DRAM intensive, those being Memories, Gaming and Communications. These are all geared towards computationally intensive applications involving photo editing, encryption and obviously, gaming. These are the main applications where additional DRAM, and additional bandwidth really provide an added boost to the system.

..:: Cinebench R10 ::..

Cinebench R10 is an excellent rendering benchmark that is capable of stressing every bit of a system. In these results, we found little difference between the varying setups of single, dual and triple channel. This is one benchmark that was able to harness the added bandwidth of the triple channel setup, providing a larger boost from dual channel to triple channel than single to dual. The main benefit to the additional DRAM in this case was system responsiveness. The DRAM and HDD utilization spiked when running with only 4GB, but smoothed out with 8GB and 12GB.