OCZ 2GB PC2-6400 Vista Upgrade Edition - Page 3

..:: SuperPi ::..

SuperPi is another benchmark Iím sure youíre all familiar with. Here, we begin to see that additional bandwidth and RAM quantity being put to good use. These results represent the computation time in seconds of pi to eight million digits. The 2GB OCZ Vista Upgrade kit comes home as the clear winner here, especially at the lower frequencies where the extra bandwidth boost over the Super Talent and Patriot modules is more prominent. The Super Talent 1GB kit manages to catch up quite a bit at 800MHz but the OCZ Vista Upgrade kit still managed to consistently come in two seconds faster.

..:: AquaMark 3.0 ::..

AquaMark 3.0 is yet another well known benchmark, geared more towards graphics performance. With the addition of additional system bandwidth we see a meager performance gain between 533MHz and 800MHz across the board. At lower frequencies we again see the performance boost of the OCZ Vista Upgrade kit thanks to tighter timings. As the timings even out at 800MHz, the performance gap between the OCZ and Super Talent kits dies down to nothing.