Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400PRO - Page 4

..:: ScienceMark 2.0 - Membench ::..

The next set of results that well be addressing is that of ScienceMark 2.0s Membench. These benchmarks tend to fall in line with the results found in SANDRA, but there is a role reversal between the OCZ and Corsair PC2-6400. Unlike what we found with the SANDRA tests, this time its the Corsair PC2-6400 holding a slight bandwidth advantage over the OCZ. Again, factoring in error were seeing these two sets of modules performing right with one another. The Micron at 533MHz allows for as much bandwidth as both the OCZ and Corsair at 667MHz due to the lower default timings. If we examine the latency results, we also find that the Corsair is putting up slightly better results than the OCZ. These minor differences help to account for the additional bandwidth of the Corsair PC2-6400.

..:: PriBench 1.04 ::..

In order to determine the effect of RAM frequency on processing capabilities, we chose to test the RAM with our own benchmarking program, PriBench. The results we found here were what we expected. Again, at the lower frequency, the Micron RAM was able to put up ever so slightly better numbers than that of the OCZ and Corsair. The performance gap here is negligible, under half a percent. The OCZ PC2-6400 manages to overtake the Corsair by a slight margin in all tests, but is still within the general margin of error for PriBench.