ASUS A7V8X-X - Page 2

..:: Asus A7V8X-X Product Package ::..

All current motherboards based on Asus' "X-Series" incorporates a -X at the end of the model number. But just in case customers cannot tell by the name of the A7V8X-X that this motherboard is based off of the "X-Series" line, the box that it ships in sure does emphasize it with a large and silver logo on a black and light blue background.

Nothing too fancy about the outside of the box, and unfortunately the same goes for the accessories that the motherboard is bundled with. Included in the package is a user manual, an I/O backplate, the driver/software installation CD, one IDE cable, one floppy cable, a few extra jumpers and a case badge.

I am disappointed by Asus' decision not to include a troubleshooting section in the manual if the user happens to run into any problems. All other topics in the manual are very clear and detailed as they should be. (The manual that was shipped with our A7V8X-X motherboard is the first edition version, dated January 2003, code E1198.)

..:: Asus A7V8X-X Software Suite ::..

After you install your operating system of choice, the next thing you will want to do is install the drivers, of course. Asus provides all of them for you on the installation CD, but the driver versions are rather old. You might want to download them from the Asus website instead. The included software with the A7V8X-X is nothing spectacular. It includes PC-Cillin 2002, Adobe Acrobat Reader, E-Color 3Deep, Asus MyLogo, Asus Update, and Asus PC Probe. Also included with the installation CD is a form you can fill out if you need to get some help for troubleshooting a problem. Alternately, you can contact Asus if you need some advice with the contact information that is provided