Biostar TP35D3-A7 Deluxe Preview - Page 5

..:: Layout - Southbridge & DIMM Area ::..

The Southbridge portion of the TP35D3-A7 Deluxe houses several ports, headers, connectors, as well as chips and electrical components. Biostar has done an excellent job in keeping this portion of the board clean, and has been able to provide the end user with an organized layout allowing easy access to all of the core components. To start things off, we have the ITE Super I/O chip along with three orange USB 2.0 headers for adding USB 2.0 support later on if required.

Along the bottom right edge of the board there’s the main header for LED’s, power and reset switches and the internal system speaker. There is also a three-pin fan power header for use with a front intake fan. Two nice items Biostar has chosen to include are small buttons that act as power and reset switches. These come in handy during debug or testing.

The ICH9R Southbridge chip is passively cooled by another portion of the copper cooling system. As with the other core components it is held down by small through-pins and appears to be made of high quality materials. To the right of the ICH9R there are six orange SATA data ports as well as the IDE port which is turned on its side facing what would be the front of the case. The Clear CMOS jumper is right along the top of the cluster of SATA data ports along with the system battery.

Around the set of orange and white DDR3 DIMM slots are the main 24-pin ATX power header, along with the orange floppy drive data cable connector. The majority of this area remains very clean with only a few items comprising the DDR3 voltage generation, a four-pin fan power header for the processor fan located above the DIMMs and a few other small chips related to the VCore voltage generation.

Being the first product from Biostar, I have to say that I was rather impressed with the clean layout and excellent choice of color scheme. The only major item that I would to be missing was IEEE1394 support, however this board does still offer a wealth of USB 2.0 ports as well as eSATA. The copper heatpipe cooling solution flows well around the board and doesn’t cause any issues with installation of peripherals. The colors give the board an aggressive look out of the box that we hope can be backed up in final performance and overclocking results. Those are due in soon…check back for more and thanks for reading!