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As we have seen in the past, the majority of Albatron’s motherboard products fall more towards the budgeted end of the consumer spectrum, so we weren’t expecting all too much out of the PX915G Pro’s package. I was initially expecting your general motherboard product package, with an expansion bracket here and there, but nothing of real substance besides the cabling and other must have components. Especially given that this is a heavily integrated motherboard, it is based off of the i915G chipset after all, I wasn’t expecting too much. In the end, that’s exactly what we ended up with. Unlike with the PX875P Pro, several items we would expect on say, Albatron’s i925X motherboard, weren’t included, but that was what we thought we’d find.

To start things off, we have the various documentation items for the PX915G Pro. Much like what we often see from the likes of Gigabyte in the past, and ABIT as of recent times, Albatron has chosen to include a fold-out, color installation guide. This guide has a large portrayal of the motherboard on the front cover with all of the vital components and connectors labeled. As we progressed through reading the installation guide, we found that it is quite good in making sure to cover all of the important points that a first time builder would need to know. The guide goes over all installation procedures ranging from the processor and jumper configuration, to simple tasks such as power supply and hard drive connections. Granted, for the experienced user this guide will be overlooked, but for a first time user this is a necessity.

The next item that we found was yet another feature that we like to see included with motherboards, that being a large sticker featuring a layout of the board. This sticker can be affixed to the interior of the case, and is easily accessible if needed. The sticker displays locations and pin diagrams for all of the major headers and jumpers located on the PX915G Pro’s PCB. Finally, we have the manuals. Once again, this is one aspect where the Albatron product shines in that not only does the manual come in several languages, but it also manages to cover all of the most important aspects of the board, such as pin diagrams of headers, jumper setting data, excellent coverage of the various BIOS options, and excellent driver installation instructions. Albatron has also included an excellent user manual for configuration and proper usage of the ITE IDE RAID controller as well.

As far as hardware related inclusions go, the PX915G Pro came with the bare minimum. We’ve got a single Serial ATA data cable, as well as a single Molex power adapter for a Serial ATA device. There are three IDE cables that have been included, one for use with the ICH6’s native IDE support, and two additional cables for the ITE RAID controller. We also have the usual rear I/O panel, as well as an additional expansion bracket featuring four additional USB 2.0 capable ports. If you remember back to our review of the PX875P Pro, Albatron actually didn’t include a rear I/O panel, because they used the default layout for that board. Now that the PX915G Pro comes along with a custom I/O layout, they’ve include the required I/O panel.

Overall, the PX915G Pro’s package has a strong point or two, as well as weak points. From a hardware item standpoint, we were a bit disappointed at the lack of some minor items such additional SATA data / power cables, especially given that the ICH6 Southbridge now supports four Serial ATA devices. In the past, manufacturers could get away with supplying only one cable, but now I’d like to see at least two included with the product packages. These are items won’t really cause the end price to skyrocket, so I would’ve liked to see those included to make the PX915G Pro a better bang for the buck. The documentation that Albatron has included on the other hand is superb. All of the various inclusions that Albatron has chosen to make provide a well rounded and detailed look at the capabilities and layout of the PX915G Pro and will make even a first time builder’s life a little easier.