DFI LAN Party PRO875B - Page 7

..:: SiSoft SANDRA ::..

Well, to start things off, we will of course be taking a look at the numbers we received while working with the latest version of SiSoftís SANDRA benchmarking utility. In order to achieve the most accurate results, we spent several days with all of the various systems running these benchmarks to obtain the best results we could. To start things off, letís take a look at our results for Arithmetic performance between these three motherboards. Here, we can see that for all intents and purposes, the three motherboards are equally matched across the board. The only area where things are slightly different is with the FPU performance, where the PRO875B puts up a number quite a bit lower than we were expecting, judging from the closeness of the ALU performance.

Next up, we have the results from both the Multimedia benchmark, and the Memory Bandwidth benchmark. For the Multimedia benchmark, we see that the Gigabyte GA-8S655FX Ultra comes out on top, while the DFI PRO875B comes in a close second besting the D875PBZ by a small margin. In the Memory benchmark, we see that with the HPS3 setting, the DFI PRO875B is able to best both the GA-8S655FX Ultra and the D875PBZ for overall memory bandwidth, but how well does it utilize the available bandwidth? Letís head to some computationally intensive benchmarks to see just how well the PRO875B compares.

..:: SuperPI ::..

In the SuperPI tests, we run the program four times, once at one million, once at two million, once at four million, and you guessed it once at eight million. The numbers in the graph above show the time in seconds that it took the system to calculate pi to the set number of digits. In this benchmark, we can clearly see that the DFI PRO875B does indeed put the extra memory bandwidth to use, and is able to best both motherboards. We have seen in the past that the D875PBZ was quite the performer in this benchmark, and the PRO875B was able to nude ahead of it in each of the higher level tests. Once we get to the high level tests, the PRO875B blows the GA-8S655FX Ultra out of the water.

..:: Specviewperf 7.0 ::..

In the SPECviewperf 7.0 benchmarks, we see a mixed bag of results with the i875P motherboards going back and forth for the performance lead. For the greater portion of these benchmarks, the GA-8S655FX Ultra is more of a bystander than anything. The PRO875B once again has shown the capabilities that lie with it, overtaking the D875PBZ in the bulk of the benchmarks, and in other tying the D875PBZ. The only benchmark where the PRO875B falls behind is the Drv08 test. Both of these i875P motherboards show their superiority in the CAD related applications over the 655FX powered GA-8S655FX Ultra.

..:: FutureMark 3DMark2001SE ::..

FutureMarkís 3DMark2001 SE is first off on todayís list of multimedia application benchmarks. With the 3DMark2001 benchmarks, we can once again see that although the Intel D875PBZ manages to come home with the performance lead over the GA-8S655FX Ultra, the DFI PRO875B is able to take a nice lead over the D875PBZ by a good 200 points for both 32-bit and 16-bit tests. This goes to show that the PRO875B is indeed taking use of the higher level of bandwidth available in comparison to the competing motherboards. Once again, the GA-8S655FX Ultra looks more like an i865PE motherboard, especially when compared to the DFI PRO875B.

..:: Quake III Arena ::..

We mentioned in our initial review of the 655FX chipset that when we initially ran the Quake III Arena benchmarks, we were quite surprised with the results that we attained. As you can see from the graph that is displayed above, the GA-8S655FX Ultra manages to hold its own when placed against both the PRO875B and the D875PBZ, something we have seen little of in the previous benchmarks. However, we once again see that the DFI PRO875B is indeed the strongest of the three boards we are testing here today, although the performance difference between motherboards isnít as apparent as one would think when it comes to Quake III Arena performance. Letís see if this changes when we take a look at performance of a more modern game, UT2003.

..:: Unreal Tournament 2003 ::..

Last up for today we have yet another real world performance benchmark for our motherboard reviews, Unreal Tournament 2003. We are using the built-in benchmarking utility with custom .ini files to make sure all settings are at high quality to allow for optimal benchmarking results for comparison. In these tests, we once again see that the DFI PRO875B comes out on top for both the BotMatch and FlyBy benchmarks this time besting the D875PBZ and GA-8S655FX Ultra by a larger margin than we saw with Quake III Arena. Although the difference is quite small numerically, as far as once board compared to another percentage wise, this benchmark is more reflective of the real difference between motherboards than were the Quake II Arena results.