DFI NFII Ultra Infinity - Page 2

..:: DFI NFII Ultra Infinity Product Package ::..

Since this is the first Infinity series motherboard that I have had the pleasure of torturing, I was anxious to see what accessories DFI had tossed into the package to get us going. Included with the NFII Ultra Infinity is a user manual, an I/O backplate, the driver/software installation discs, one UDMA/133 cable, one floppy cable, an expansion bracket with one firewire port, two SATA cables, one molex spliter for connecting two SATA hard drives, and a sticker to affix to the interior of the computer case for quick references to the board's layout. While this bundle is satisfactory for getting your system up and running, we would really like to see DFI include a two port USB expansion bracket, especially for the consumer that is upgrading their motherboard in a case without having the luxury of front USB ports.

And the user manual for the NFII Ultra Infinity is rather thin on additional information as well. Although you can read it in seven different languages, the only topics that are covered are the technical specifications, the board layout and some brief instructions for using their CMOS Reloaded feature in the BIOS. Everything else is up to you to figure out on your own, apparently.

..:: DFI NFII Ultra Infinity Software Suite ::..

After the NFII Ultra Infinity has a fresh OS installed, the next thing you will need to do is install the drivers for the chipset and any integrated components you have decided to use. Just insert the disc into your CD drive and a window will pop up to display the correct driver for each one. Click on the one you want to install and a wizard will lead the way. It couldn't be any simpler. DFI has also included McAfee Online as the virus scan utility, and has included other software such as RadarSync and Winflash, which when combined allows for upgrading the motherboard BIOS through the internet within a Windows based environment. The software included will do a good job of aiding the end user, keeping their motherboard up-to-date and safe from dreaded worms and other infectious software.