Gigabyte GA-8IEXP - Page 3

..:: Layout: Socket Area ::..

As we always do, we'll now begin our tour of sorts around the PCB of the GA-8IEXP. Overall the design layout of the GA-8IEXP is fairly well done. When you consider the jaw dropping amount of headers and other features that exist on the board itself, things will begin to come to light as to why the design is as good as it is. All of the headers and other items are placed will on the board, more or less all located along the edges of the board for optimal accessibility. Let’s begin our detailed trip by starting off in the usual spot, the processor socket area.

The Gigabyte GA-8IEXP comes along with the usual black pre-installed heatsink mounting mechanism. For those of you that will utilize a screw-mounted heatsink such as the Alpha, you'll want to remove this black mount in order to mount your heatsink. The processor socket itself is oriented lengthwise from left to right, and is mounted along the top edge of the board. Truly it isn't along the actual top edge of the board as there is a line of seven thin capacitors, but you can get the general idea from the images above. Located along the side of the line of capacitors is the three-pin power connector for the CPU fan. This connector is slightly sandwiched in-between the heatsink mount and DIMM slots, however it shouldn't be difficult to access.

The remaining majority of electrical components are located along the left hand side of the rear I/O panel and processor socket. Here we come across several different types of capacitors, among several other electrical devices. We can also see that the GA-8IEXP comes with a three-phase power supply to help keep a steady supply of power flowing to that hungry P4. If you’re looking for a little more information on what exactly this “three-phase power” is, I recommend heading on over to Overclockers Australia and checking out their article. Lastly, located in the upper left corner, we come across the four-pin 12V power plug.