Gigabyte GA-8IEXP - Page 7

..:: SiSoft SANDRA ::..

Well, we’ll start off today’s tests with SiSoft’s SANDRA benchmarking utility. In the Arithmetic tests, the GA-8IEXP falls just shy of the two VIA boards, however it pulls ahead of it’s i845D based brethren, then 845 Ultra-AR in Arithmetic performance; however it does overtake the field overall for Floating Point performance. In the multimedia tests we can see that the GA-8IEXP takes hold of the lead and surpasses all of our other boards for both ALU and FPU performance. When we get to the memory tests, we again see that the GA-8IEXP comes out on top of the DDR266 boards, but falls far short of the DDR333 powered VIA P4PB400. When the i845PE boards begin hitting the market full force we’ll see who brings the best memory performance at DDR333. Overall, the i845E based GA-8IEXP fares well with SANDRA holding a good lead over its competition, but will it keep up?

..:: SuperPI ::..

In the SuperPI tests, we run the program three times, once at 512,000, once at one million, and once at two million. The numbers in the graph above show the time in seconds that it took the system to calculate pi to the set number of digits. In this benchmark, we can clearly see the processing superiority of the P4PB 400 over the P4PA, 845 Ultra-AR, and the GA-8IEXP. In most each case, the GA-8IEXP falls behind the crowd and comes in dead last each time with exception to the first test where it ties for last.

..:: SPECviewperf 6.1.2 ::..

Things are close, and distant at several times throughout the SPECviewperf 6.1.2 test. I was a little disappointed however when the GA-8IEXP fell behind the competition in the DRV_07, and Awadvs_04 tests. We do see however that the GA-8IEXP performs exceptionally in the MedMCAD test, nearly catching up to the faster P4PB400. The GA-8IEXP comes in with 15.49 in the ProCDRS test tied for last, but comes in second place in the Light_04 test. The GA-8IEXP shows some superiority over the other DDR266 motherboards, however as mentioned it fails to come close to them in the last two tests, a sure disappointment.

..:: Cinebench 2000 ::..

The Cinebench 2000 tests show the boards coming in nearly equal in all tests. In the Cinebench test, a small margin can mean a good deal of performance difference in the end due to the fact it is indeed a very stressful test upon the system overall. Here, we see the GA-8IEXP coming in as the leader in the Raytracing test, third in the OpenGL test, and second in the Cinema4D test. Once again the i845E based GA-8IEXP begins to show a bit more strength over its DDR266 competition, and even the DDR333 based P4PB400.

..:: MadOnion 3DMark2001 SE ::..

MadOnion’s 3DMark2001 SE shows our GA-8IEXP turning in some good numbers and coming out in second place except for the highest resolution test we threw at it. The GA-8IEXP is beginning to show a little more superiority over the other DDR266 boards; however it doesn’t seem to be working out to anything major as it truly shouldn’t. We can see that when it comes to the hard-hitting high resolutions, even having a faster memory subsystem doesn’t always mean that the motherboard will come in as the winner. The GA-8IEXP begins to even overtake the DDR333 powered P4PB 400 at 1280 x 1024 x 32. In the lower resolutions the P4PB 400 still holds a good lead over the competition.

..:: Quake III Arena ::..

Our last test, Quake III Arena Demo 001 shows our GA-8IEXP falling behind its DDR266 competition unlike what we saw with MadOnion’s 3DMark. The i845D based 845 Ultra-AR holds a slight lead over the i845E based GA-8IEXP while both fall behind the VIA based motherboards. After the 3DMark test I was a bit surprised when I got the results for these tests. We can clearly see the performance gain of DDR333 versus DDR266 in this test by the massive lead the P4PB 400 holds over the competition.

Overall, the GA-8IEXP holds a decent lead in some tests, while in a few it does fall behind as far as our benchmarks go. It maintains a mediocre lead over the DDR266 competition in nearly all tests as it should, however at times it does manage to even overtake the DDR333 powered VIA P4PB 400, a task that is not easy. I was a bit disappointed when the GA-8IEXP didn’t come out with better results as in Quake III Arena and some of the SPECviewperf tests. Well, we’ve seen the board, the Features, the BIOS, and the Benchmarks, now it’s time to wrap it all up into a nice conclusion and call it a day.