Intel D845PEBT2 - Page 3

..:: Layout: Socket Area ::..

Overall, the design of the Intel D845PEBT2 is rather impressive, especially considering the neat layout and orientation of all of the onboard chips, connectors, and other devices. My personal favorite item dealing with the layout of the PEBT2 would have to be the location of the main 12V ATX power connector. I certainly consider this to be in an ideal position. All of the headers, connectors, and other main items are easily accessible for the most part. Well cover which ones might not be so easy to get to in the next few pages. The PEBT2 utilizes a stylish black PCB, certainly something a modding fan might take notice of, and those looking to add a unique look to their PC. The PEBT2 also features a PCB of very similar size to that of the BE7 and BG7E that we reviewed previously from Abit. These condensed PCBs allow lower manufacturing costs, and therefore lower your cost to purchase the final product. Thats a quick overview of the more important aspects well be discussing, now lets get on with a more detailed look at the PEBT2.

The PEBT2 comes along with the usual black heatsink retention system. The processor socket is oriented lengthwise from north to south and roughly reaches to the top edge of the PCB. The area to the right of the processor socket is very clean and clear of any larger capacitors. There are indeed two small capacitors in this space, although they wont be causing any issues and are rather low profile. Here we also come across our first item of note with the PEBT2, the location of the white, three-pin CPU fan connector. This connector is sandwiched in-between the black retention mechanism and the DIMM slots, and when everything is mounted can be a bit of a pain to get to, especially when you have the DIMM slots filled along with having the heatsink mounted. This shouldnt pose a problem to the masses, although a few users might be irked with this positioning.

Along the left hand side of the processor socket area, we come across the usual mass of electrical components and capacitors. The components are very neatly organized in a linear fashion, and add a little contrast to the motherboard as they are indeed yellow. If we take a look towards the bottom of the mass of components, we can also see the four-pin core voltage power connector. I dont particularly care for it to be so low on the board, although the positioning is understandable. As Ive stated many times before, Id rather see it placed in an area that is slightly higher for airflow and cable routing / cleanliness purposes. If we take a look towards the top edge of the board, well come across the second of three white, three-pin power connectors. This connector is for the fan that should be placed in the rear of the chassis for airflow exhaust. Although this connector is placed high on the board, the cleanliness of the area allows easy access to it whenever need be so.