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Well, weíve seen all that the Intel D845PEBT2 has to offer, now itís time to round it all up into a nice summary and call it a day. Letís start off with the stability. The overall stability of the system was as we expected from an Intel brand motherboard, rock solid. In my period of time with the motherboard, I have not yet encountered one major or minor issue with that of system stability. I have been running multiple distributed computing programs in the background while gaming and doing other processor intensive things for several days non-stop and have had no crashes, glitches, twitches, you name it. This is exactly what we want in a motherboard, and the D845PEBT2 brings it to the table as we expected.

The design of the D845PEBT2 is one of the best we have come across yet. Everything on the board is arranged in a very clean manner, although as usual we did come across a few items of concern to us. The first item was the positioning of the CPU fan connector which is sandwiched in between the DIMMís and the processor socket areas. In a system with a large case it would make things much easier. The second item of concern was the fact that the PEBT2 only utilizes two DIMMís instead of the three that we are accustomed to seeing. These DIMMís also interfere with mounting or removing any RAM while the graphics card is mounted. Once again, Iím elated about the positioning of the 12V ATX power connector. The positioning of this connector will not in any way adversely affect the airflow of the system. This is starting to become ever more important as chips ramp up in speeds and heat output.

The D845PEBT2 comes along with a very nice feature set when fully equipped. Our test sample came outfitted with everything available for the board, with the exception of support for IEEE 1394a. Considering the current pricing of the PEBT2, the amount of features packed onto the motherboard will surely be an important factor in the end users purchasing decision. I have seen this board selling in the $125 USD range for the fully equipped version. If youíre shopping for the best possible value, then this board would top my current recommendation list no doubt. Budget buyers, or those of you looking for a hell of a deal, make sure to add the PEBT2 to your list of considerations.

The BIOS that comes along with the D845PEBT2 is very interesting indeed. I can honestly say I never thought Iíd come across an Intel brand motherboard that allowed for any form of overclocking, even only +4% maximum. This is a very interesting move for Intel, but it is surely a good sign of things to come from their future retail performance oriented motherboards. The ability to adjust the memory timings was also a very nice addition and will allow for end users to get the maximum level of performance out of their system. The fan control option is also very unique. This allows for the fan speeds to be monitored and adjusted according to the system temperatures. Iíve been waiting for features like this to become more apparent on mainstream mainboards but it has been coming slowly. Iíd really enjoy seeing features like this come to more high-end motherboards for those of us looking for high performance mainboards without high performance noise if you catch my drift. The look of the BIOS is much as we expected it to be, that of an OEM system. I havenít come across a BIOS with the layout like that of the PEBT2 since my old Gateway from way back in the day. Overall I was very impressed with the options put forth in the PEBT2ís BIOS.

Well, to sum things up Iím putting the Intel D845PEBT2 on my highly recommended list for those of you looking for great performance at a good price. If youíre looking to do some heavy overclocking, I donít think this is the board for you, although Iím sure you already figured that one out on your own. It is very nice to see Intel beginning to allow for limited overclocking and tweaking options on their line of motherboards. With the overwhelming success of the latest Pentium 4 chips, it seemed as if it was only a matter of time before Intel took similar steps to that of which they are now. I personally donít expect to see any further overclocking options being added, but with the market as it is, you never know. I was very impressed with the motherboards performance when pitted against our Abit BE7-RAID. An Intel motherboard that can keep up, and even best an Abit motherboard is surely something to take note of. If youíre looking for the best mix of performance, stability, features, and only want or need limited overclocking capabilities, then Iíd recommend the Intel D845PEBT2 any day of the week. The Intel D845PEBT2 has earned a total of 92 points, and thus takes home the Editorís Choice Award. If you think this could be the board for you, be sure to check out today's hottest prices! Iíd like to thank Intel for all their help in supplying the motherboard for review, and thanks to all for you for reading!

Stability: 10.0
Design: 9.0
Features: 9.0
BIOS / Overclocking: 8.5
Performance: 9.5
Total: 92 Points