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..:: D865GBF "Bayfield" Conclusion ::..

Well, weíve seen all that the Intel i865G chipset has to offer, and we have seen the performance of the Intel D865GBF, now itís time to round it all up. As usual, weíll start our summation with the overall system stability. The overall stability of the system was as we expected from an Intel brand motherboard, rock solid. In my period of time with this motherboard, I have not yet encountered one major or minor issue with that of system stability. I have been running multiple distributed computing programs in the background while gaming and doing other processor intensive operations for several days non-stop and have had no stability issues whatsoever. This is exactly what we want in a motherboard.

Overall, the Intel D865GBF sports a very clean and well organized layout. The only two problems I can see with the layout of this board deal with the fact that if you want to swap RAM in or out, youíll have to first remove the graphics adapter to do so due to the positioning of the AGP slot and DIMMís. The small capacitor located under the locking tab on the AGP slot also could pose a small problem, but that wonít be anything major as these boards will more than likely end up in closed system where prying hands such as mine arenít a common problem.

The D865GBF comes along with a fairly nice feature set when fully equipped. Our test sample came outfitted with everything available for the board, along with several of the new onboard audio technologies. I have to say, I would say that the D865PERL featured better onboard audio, as the D865GBF only came with support for two-channel audio. Granted, most everyone out there who purchases this board on the enthusiast level will quickly replace the onboard audio with a PCI based solution, but given the heavy integration of this motherboard several end users will be using the integrated audio.

The BIOS that comes along with the D865GBF is exactly what we were hoping for in the D865GBF. Give the fact that it is the new high performance motherboard from Intel, it makes sense that they would continue their limited memory tweaking and overclocking options. As mentioned in the BIOS portion of the review, the BIOS allows for overclocking, or even underclocking of anywhere between -2% and +4%. The Intel BIOS also sports a nice fan control option to keep your system running as silently as possible when in operation. If the system temps are low, you can set the fans to be turned off, or run at a slow speed.

To sum things up, the i865G, much like the i865PE, puts up some very nice numbers. With the added support for the new 800MHz FSB Pentium 4 chips, Dual Channel DDR400, Intel Extreme Graphics 2, Communication Streaming Architecture, and all of the other features, this is one chipset that youíll want to keep in mind if youíre ever looking for an all in one solution. Obviously, this motherboard isnít going to top the charts for the enthusiast market out there due to its lack of overclocking capabilities, and the integrated graphics. If youíre looking for stability, heavy integration, and performance without all of the added overclocking features, then i865G could be the way for you to go. Unlike the i865PE chipset, there have not been any i865G boards on the market as of yet, so I canít give a real accurate guess as to what the average value for these boards will be running at, although Iím sure it will be in line with the i865PE and i875P prices due to the added integrated graphics. As we noted earlier, several of the issues we experienced with the older Extreme Graphics generation have been addressed. When the original Extreme Graphics came about, it was known for being rather plagued with compatibility issues when it came to several of the most popular games of the time. Letís hope that the i865G chipset does not become known for these same issues. If you want the best of the best, then i875P is the way to go. If youíre looking for high end performance at a better price than the i875P chipset, then i865PE is the way to go. If you just need an all in one solution that still offers some very good performance, i865G is the way to go. The Intel D865GBF has earned a total of 91 points. Iíd like to thank Intel for all their help in supplying the motherboard for review, and thanks to all of you for reading!

  • Stability: 10.0
  • Design: 9.0
  • Features: 8.5
  • BIOS / Overclocking: 8.5
  • Performance: 9.5
    Total: 91 Points