MSI 845 Ultra-AR - Page 8

..:: Conclusion ::..

Well, what do I have to say about MSIís 845 Ultra-AR? The design is very well done, although there are still a few things Iíd prefer to see placed differently (donít I always?). The board is rock stable, and I mean it. It has yet to crash throughout a good two weeks of solid stress testing. I like to set aside a good 3 - 4 days to just let it repeatedly run benchmarks and stress tests. This board never let me down with stability. The BIOS lacks the tweaking options that would be nice to see, but since Intel systems are more known for their incredible stability it is understandable. The same cannot be said for overclocking however. I could not get this board to overclock correctly but only three or so times. Any other time resulted in freezing at boot, POST, or when the system was shutting down / restarting. This is not acceptable for the overclocker looking for a cheap, stable solution. The 845 Ultra series of motherboards can be picked up online for around $120 - $130 USD. The performance is fairly good, although it does fall short in some tests. All in all I canít really say Iíd recommend this board to the overclocking / tweaking community. If youíre looking for a rock stable board offering USB 2.0, or ATA/133 RAID then this could be the board for you. Remember though that the USB 2.0 feature is only found on the ARU, while ATA/133 RAID is standard of the AR and ARU.