MSI 865PE Neo2-FIS2R - Page 2

..:: MSI 865PE Neo2-FIS2R Product Package ::..

The product package is one area where MSI has truly been able to distinguish themselves from the rest of the crowd. With the 865PE Neo2-FIS2R comes a large and flashy box meant to catch your eye, and it does so with ease. The exterior isnít the important thing, rather itís whatís concealed on the inside that really matters. The package is quite impressive, one that will leave very few, if any, users with even a minute feeling of discontent. Now, unlike what we saw last time from MSI, the manual that comes along with the 865PE Neo2-FIS2R is superbly detailed, descriptive, and helpful. You get a nice overlay of the PCB, diagrams of all the onboard headers and connectors, detailed description of the various BIOS options and settings, instructions dealing with all of the various expansion brackets that are included, and of course a nice overview of the driver installation process. MSI even goes the extra mile and includes instructions for instillation, configuration, and use of several of the included software programs.

As of late, we have begun to see many of the major manufacturers trying to keep adding fresh, new items, whether they are large or small, to their product packages in order to help distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. Weíve seen expansion brackets galore, and some manufacturers have begun offering custom rounded cables to match a given theme for a certain product. MSI has joined in with this crowd, and has added some nice features to their product package. To start things off, we come across one item that, while pleasing, also brings about a minor criticism or two. MSI has opted to include a rounded IDE cable in the package, sporting a bright red sheath that will match the PCB. Now, the problem lies in the fact that MSI has only included one of these cables, while I would prefer to see two for those who are not yet dependent on Serial ATA hard drives. Also, from the images above, you may notice that the included floppy cable is not rounded, but rather your typical gray, flat floppy cable. I would prefer to see this cable be rounded also, even though many users are beginning to shy away from use of floppy drives.

The package also includes such items as four bright orange Serial ATA cables, two power converters, each capable of providing power to two SATA devices, for use with Serial ATA drives and power supply units that do not wield any of the proper power connectors, a rear I/O bracket to accommodate the various I/O panel connections, a Serial ATA manual for use in setting up RAID arrays, the driver and software disc, along with two floppies loaded with the SATA device drivers, and lastly we have the mass of rear expansion brackets that we are accustomed to seeing in MSI packages. Each of these expansion brackets serves a given purpose, whether for additional audio connector ions, IEEE1394, or USB 2.0.

..:: MSI 865PE Neo2-FIS2R Software Suite ::..

The Driver / Software CD houses, you guessed it, the drivers and software for the 865PE Neo2-FIS2R motherboard, among several others. When you first insert the disc into your CD-ROM, the main window will pop up right to the driver install window. Here, you simply click which drivers to install and youíre good to go. Within the main window, youíll also be able to install any of the software you wish to that is located on this disc. The other included software suite is fairly nice with the inclusion of Photoshop Album SE, WinDVD 4, WinRip 2, Virtual Drive 7, RestoreIT! 3, and finally, Media Ring. Each of these programs caters more towards the multimedia user than any other group. MSIís CoreCenter software is also a pleasant feature. This program allows you to monitor all of the critical system voltages, fan readings, and temperatures, among many other features. Overall, the MSI 865PE Neo2-FIS2R comes along with a nice software suite offering programs for both overclockers and multimedia enthusiasts.