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One way that the various motherboard manufacturers have developed in order to further distinguish their products from the drones of the motherboard market is by diversifying their product packages with newly developed products, or simply put, flashier accessories. Soltek has been a member of this prized crowd for some time now, and has added a few items into the PT880PRO-FGR’s product package that help to cement this fact. On the surface, the PT880PRO-FGR’s package looks like any other, but there are a few small custom items that help to make the PT880PRO-FGR stand out.

The first thing that any customer will notice about the outer shell of the PT880PRO-FGR is that the box features a reflective outer covering with some beautiful graphical art covering it. There are also all of the typical stickers that display the software that is included, along with several basic features, although the “Prescott / P4EE Ready!” sticker is easily the most noticeable, and for good reason. When we break into the package, we find that Soltek has included quite a large amount of documentation, cables, and extra items.

The main item within the package that would qualify under the “custom” category would be the rounded IDE cables. In order to go with the black and purple color scheme of the PT880PRO-FGR, Soltek has chosen to supplement the end user with one rounded IDE cables featuring a bright purple sheathing. Soltek has also included an additional IDE cable that has been coated with the same purple coloring, although this cable is not rounded as was the previous one. There is also yet another IDE cable included, although this time it is yellowish in color, rather than purple. We have seen some manufacturer begin to add such colored cables into their packages, although it seems to be a limited amount, even though this is one of the more popular features that readers tell me they would like to see more of.

When it comes to other cabling and miscellaneous items that Soltek has included for use with the PT880PRO-FGR, we find a single, dual-plug power connector for two SATA devices, and two additional red SATA data cables. I was surprised that Soltek didn’t go all out and ship this board with either purple or black SATA data cables. I have yet to see any purple colored cables, but there are certainly black ones available on the market. Soltek has also included a fairly large bag, as you can see from the image above. I personally can’t think of many uses for this bag, but I’m sure several users out there can put it to some form of use or another. This is certainly the first time I have come across such an item in a motherboard package, and just goes to show what I talked about earlier with the diversifying of product lines.

Now, this isn’t all that Soltek has included. During our initial period with the motherboard, Soltek made some changes to the retail packaging for the PT880PRO-FGR to make it a more attractive buy to the high-end and performance crowd. Soltek has informed me that they will include two additional SATA data cables, one additional SATA power cable, one USB 2.0 rear expansion bracket, and finally, yet another IDE cable. Needless to say, Soltek has gone all out when it comes to providing their clientele with the necessary cables. Although many might view this as overkill, we look at this as Soltek taking a serious stance at providing their customers with a quality product, package, and making sure they have everything they need.

The remaining items within the PT880PRO-FGR’s package all deal with the various documentation and driver / software aspects of the PT880PRO-FGR. The manual that comes along with the PT880PRO-FGR is quite detailed, and features a good overview of the motherboard, detailed pin out diagrams for those users with front panel USB and IEEE1394 ports, along with detailed BIOS option descriptions, and easy to follow driver installation instructions. In our little time reviewing Soltek products, they have worked their way onto our good list for quality documentation, a fact that cannot be overlooked. Not only does Soltek include documentation for the motherboard, but they also offer some extensive detail on the installation and use of their various software programs.