Soltek SL-75DRV4 - Page 5

..:: Southbridge & Memory Area ::..

The bottom right corner of the SL-75DRV4 yields a third three-pin fan connector, the onboard Smart Card Reader plug-in, and of course, the plug-in for additional USB ports. The Smart Card Reader option has begun to make itself more apparent recently, but it is a more well known option on the Soyo boards. There are two jumpers within this corner, one is used to clear the CMOS, and the other to control what the system will do if power is suddenly cut to the system. The VIA VT8233A Southbridge is placed in the usual spot, with the onboard battery off to the right.

As we move further up the board, we come across two red jumpers. These jumpers are responsible for setting the AGP voltage. Options for voltages include 1.5V, 1.6V, and 1.7V. We also come across a possible problem. Due to the positioning of the Floppy, and IDE connectors, if you have a card that extends beyond the limits of the AGP slot, you will be forced to run the cables inbetween the card and the board. This wouldn't be too much of a problem if there also didn't happen to be MOSFET's and other things cramped together directly above the connectors. As you can see in the picture above, my Gainward GeForce3 easily overlapped a good portion of the IDE cables. Now imagine a GeForce4 Ti which is a good inch or so longer. I'd like to see Soltek add an AGP retention system to the AGP slot due to the fact that the cables can push on the video card and give it a loving nudge loose. I attempted to contact Soltek about this issue but alas I have not yet recieved any information from them. Hopefully someone from Soltek will drop by and get in contact with me about some of this so we can clear up this issue.

Lastly, let's see what the area around the DIMM slots has to offer. We come across another set of two jumpers this time controlling the voltage alotted to the DRAM. The voltages supported via these jumpers are 2.5V, 2.6V, and 2.7V. From my personal testing, it seems that increasing voltage does indeed help overclocking slighty, but beware it can also damage your RAM! We also come across the second red LED I was talking mentioned before. This LED lights up whenever voltage is being supplied ot the RAM. The SL-75DRV4 comes with the standard three DIMM slots supporting up to a maximum of 3GB of PC1600 / PC2100 DDR SDRAM. The DIMM slots are positioned away from most everything on the board, however with a video card installed, it can be a bit difficult to swap RAM in or out.