VIA VPSD P4PB 400 - Page 8

..:: Conclusion ::..

Once again, VIA has brought a fast, stable, feature rich board to the market. The system was rock stable throughout our testing over the past two weeks, and only managed one crash that was due to my heavy overclocking. Over the last two weeks, we also had the system running at its maximum potential and still the board didnít even flinch. As we just saw with the benchmarks, in nearly 100% of our tests the P4PB 400 took home the crown, however we must also remember that the P4PA and 845 Ultra-AR do not utilize DDR333 RAM. Therefore, it will indeed be a bit difficult to give an accurate judgment towards overall system performance since we have not yet had the ability to test a board based off the newest SiS648 chipset, or another P4X400 based motherboard. We do hope to get in a board or two based off of these chipsets in the near future however. In case you're wondering about the absence of benchmarks running at DDR400 speeds, we feel that due to the current lack of memory on the market capable of high speed timings at DDR400 speeds, it would be better for the user to run with some high speed DDR333 as it would offer better performance at the current point in time. The feature set of the P4PB 400 bests that of most anything on the market, and as mentioned, youíll want to stay tuned for the next version of the P4PB which will include an even bigger feature set! The only missing feature from the P4PB 400 I felt was an onboard RAID option, the one reason why we only gave it a 9.5 for Features and not a 10. With what I have seen in our two go rounds with VPSD motherboards, Iím beginning to believe that they are quickly becoming one of the more overlooked manufacturers around. Nowadays, you mainly have two choices to go for, high speed performance or sacrifice some speed for a heavy feature set. With VPSD motherboards, youíre getting both, and for a great price. If VPSD can keep shelling out high performance boards packed with almost every feature your heart could desire, and keep the price down, I think weíll be hearing a whole lot more from them in the future. With what weíve seen from the P4PA and P4PB 400, I can only imagine whatís next up on the VPSD motherboard feature list. You can currently pick up a fully equipped P4PB 400 from for a mere $139.00! Finally, with a total of 93 points, the P4PB 400 has earned the Editorís Choice Award, just barely missing out on the elusive Award of Excellence. Iíd like to send out a big thanks to Shane Dennison and VPSD for the P4PB 400, and thank you all for reading this review!

Stability: 10
Design: 9
Features: 9.5
BIOS / Overclocking: 9
Performance: 9
Total: 93 Points