Intel 3.40E & 3.40C Pentium 4 - Page 4

..:: SPECviewperf 7.0 ::..

For our CAD related benchmarks, we chose to go with the tried and true SPECviewperf 7.0 benchmarking suite. This suite features a combination of six different benchmarks based off of various CAD related software in order to display the average frame rate that and end user would experience on the system. To start things off, we’re going to look at the results provided via the first three benchmarks, 3dsmax, DRV, and DX. In 3dsmax, the “Prescott” core is able to pull off a slight clock for clock lead over the “Northwood” core for each of the tests. The performance lead grows slightly as the frequency increases. The same can be said for the DX results. Once again, clock for clock “Prescott” is able to post up better marks than that of its predecessor with the performance gap increasing with frequency. The “Prescott” core is the clear winner for the DRV results, easily besting the “Northwood” core even at lower frequencies.

As far as the three remaining benchmarks go, Light, Proe, and UGS, the story we have seen in the above results once again holds true. These three benchmarks show the “Prescott” core with a more substantial lead over the “Northwood” core than those we saw with 3dsmax and DX. For each of these three benchmarks, the 3.00E is able to best the 3.40C with relative ease. From the looks of the graphs, we’re testing the same processor due to the near linear growth of performance, although taken separately the “Prescott” core is clearly superior to an equally clocked “Northwood” for SPECviewperf.