Intel 3.40E & 3.40C Pentium 4 - Page 6

..:: Quake III Arena ::..

Quake III Arena has been used as a benchmark for a great length of time now, and the Pentium 4 processor has always been known as a Quake III powerhouse. With the advent of new games with far more advanced engines, this benchmark is slowly progressing towards an archaic stage, but it is still relevant enough now for use of the results. Look forward to some more modern gaming benchmarks from MBR in the future. As far as QIIIA performance goes, much as with what we saw during our initial review of the “Prescott” core, the improvements that have been made to the internal architecture have allowed for a nice boost in frame rates. Many of the gaming results we have seen so far running with more advanced engines have yielded results showing “Prescott” bringing up the rear, but the older QIIIA engine keeps “Prescott” running nicely in comparison to “Northwood”.

..:: Unreal Tournament 2003 ::..

The last benchmark for the day, Unreal Tournament 2003, shows us some very interesting results. For this test, we ran the benchmark in 640 x 480 mode in order to once again take the graphics card out of the equation as far as results go. In the initial two tests at 3.00GHz and 3.20GHz, we see that the “Northwood” core is able to take home the lead, although from the looks of things the “Prescott” core is catching up quickly. Finally, during our 3.40GHz tests, the “Prescott” processor was able to overtake the “Northwood” core in the FlyBy benchmark. From the looks of our results, it will take anther speed bump of 200MHz to allow for “Prescott” to overtake “Northwood” in the more intensive outmatch portion of the benchmark. This benchmark is a good illustration as to the overall view of “Prescott”. At current speeds, it isn’t a better options clock for clock under most gaming applications than “Northwood”, but as it ramps up in speed it will quickly overtake “Northwood” and will become a better choice.