Intel i925XE Chipset / 3.46GHz Pentium 4 - Page 8

..:: Quake III Arena ::..

Quake III Arena has been used as a benchmark for a great length of time now, and the Pentium 4 processor has always been known as a Quake III powerhouse. In order to remove any sort of graphics bottleneck from our results, we chose to go with the standard 640 x 480 resolution for our tests. The results that we found with this benchmark were a very surprising. We found that the i925XE / 3.46GHz EE wasn’t able to put up the numbers that we were expecting. The performance jump here looks like all that was added was some additional MHz on the clock and not much more. Is it possible that we’re seeing our 6800 GT becoming the limiting factor already? Well, more tests we’re currently working on will attempt to address this issue and we’ll be coming back to this soon.

..:: Unreal Tournament 2003 ::..

The last benchmark for the day, Unreal Tournament 2003, shows us some very interesting results. For this test, we once again ran the benchmark in 640 x 480 mode in order take the graphics card out of the equation as far as results go. In both sets of results above, we once again see the over powering performance offered by the Extreme Edition processors. The 3.46GHz, 1066MHz FSB processor in combination with the i925XE chipset shows a solid performance boost, but once again it seems as though the additional FSB speed has made only a slight bit of difference. The scores posted by both the 3.40GHz and 3.46GHz processors are only a few percentage points apart. I was hoping for a little better performance given the increased bandwidth.