MSI P55-GD80

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1 HardOCP
"The MSI P55-GD80 motherboard supports the LGA1156 line of Intel processors via the integrated Intel P55 chipset. The chipset itself has in-built support for the following technologies: Intel LGA 1156 Core i7 and Core i5 processors, DDR3 memory operating in Dual Channel mode up to 1333MHz officially, and either NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossFireX graphics mode using matched video cards."
2 Overclock3D
"MSI have long been known for making good motherboards but have rarely made that extra step by making an amazing motherboard. This time I think I am justified into saying that they have taken that extra step and done just that. What MSI have produced is a motherboard capable of exceeding any preconceptions and indeed exceeding anyones expectations."
3 Hardware Canucks
"As the Top of the Line model in MSI's LGA1156 roster, the P55-GD80 has been designed to surpass the best that the competition has to offer, and it's got one heck of specs list. It supports all current Lynnfield LGA1156 processors, has an advanced DrMOS 8+2 phase power design, four DDR3 memory slots with frequency support up to DDR3-2133 (O.C), three mechanical PCI-E x16 slots, CrossFire and SLI support, dual Gigabit LAN ports and a host of other features."
4 Hardware Secrets
"MSI launched so far five different socket 1156 motherboard models based on the new Intel P55 chipset. Today we are going to take a look on one of their high-end models, P55-GD80 (a.k.a. MS-7581), which comes with several overclocking features not found on competing products. Let's take a look."
5 Metku
"The LGA1156 based CPUs were originally divided into the two categories, the i5 and i7 series. The divide was done by the easy distinction that the i7 CPUs integrated Intels Hyperthreading Technology and the i5 didn't. What is Hyperthreading you ask? Hyperthreading basically divides the physical cores on the CPU into two virtual ones. This makes the OS think that it has twice as many CPUs available."
The first topic is the MSI P55-GD80. As just stated, they were in this model with a P55 chipset is a variant with full equipment. The target group is clearly enthusiasts, overclockers and gamers. So, users who are happy to take a little deeper into their pockets to buy a high-end motherboard.