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1 Overclock3D
"Here we see the Intel PCH P55 chipset itself. This little sliver of silicon controls the USB, Ethernet, BIOS support, Audio and SATA along with e-SATA and PCI Express x1 ports. This is of course interlinked to the new CPU architecture which has control over PCIe 2.0, and the memory functions of the motherboard. The Chipset heatsink was very small but as this is a pre-release sample I would expect this sink to be enlarged upon final retail release."
2 Benchmark Reviews
"As we move into the holiday season, many are looking to Intel's new Lynnfield Desktop Platform for an upgrade or new build. Not surprising, there's plenty of good hardware on the market to choose from. In this article, Benchmark Reviews looks at the P7P55D EVO motherboard from ASUS. As part of their P55 lineup, the ASUS P7P55D EVO provides full support the for the new Lynnfield platform, along with several unique features."
3 iXBT Labs
"If you have to choose between these two models, it's really easy. Deluxe has a tad better power supply system and a formally better audio codec. But EVO offers eSATA on the rear panel. You have to agree that the boards are very similar. The key difference is TurboV Remote that is not available for EVO."