Intel DP55KG

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1 Hardware Secrets
"Intel has released three different socket 1156 motherboard models based on their new Intel P55 chipset. Today we are going to take a look on their most high-end model, DP55KG, which includes some interesting features like a Bluetooth antenna."
2 Benchmark Reviews
"While these were the stars of the launch, it wouldn't be a complete platform without the motherboard. Released in parallel with the two processors, is the Intel P55 Express Chipset. In this review, we'll examine the new chipset in detail and take a closer look at Intel's flagship DP55KG Extreme Series Motherboard."
"Intel has done a great job with the DP55KG Extreme motherboard. The board overclocks decently, but the real treat for this board is on the automatic overclocking that Turbo Boost provides. The board automatically changes the multiplier for the Core i7 or i5 CPU higher so it operates at 3.2GHz for the Core i5 750 CPU or 3.6GHz for the Core i7 870 CPU."
4 PC Perspective
"Intel helped out their LGA 1156 product line a bit more through adding a few more power saving features to help increase the longevity of the CPU as well as ensure it performs at optimum levels under load conditions. The DP55KG posted the lowest power numbers, which really is a testament to Intel's commitment to ensuring their cores run efficiently and effectively when they are needed most - during critical, CPU intensive applications or other multi-tasking operations."
5 FutureLooks
6 iXBT Labs
"Despite the top positioning, this motherboard doesn't look overloaded with bells and whistles like some competing models. This is typical of Intel, its engineers have always had a sense of proportion in expanding functionality. Unfortunately, this sense has somewhat failed them now. On the other hand, Intel's active advancement to the retail market was deemed to result in this funny reevaluation: a rave of LED colors instead of simplicity."
7 X-Buit Labs
8 Legit Reviews
"These two boards might have the same form factor, chipset and processor support, but the price difference shows something bigger must be happening. When Legit Reviews first saw these motherboards at Quakecon 2009 we discovered that the Intel DP55WG 'Warrensburg' motherboard is based off the same PCB as the Intel DP55KG 'Kinsberg' motherboard, but has been stripped down."