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1 PureOC
"With the launch of Intel's Lynnfield LGA1156 socket processors upon us, motherboard manufacturers have been gearing up for the big Core i5 and Core i7 into the mainstream market, busy readying boards for release. One of the new motherboards is the P55H-A Black Series from ECS, as they look to continue their push further into the market with what are essentially affordable enthusiast products in their Black Series lineup."
2 Hardware Secrets
"The first socket 1156 processors were released this week together with a new chipset from Intel, P55. Of course the main motherboard manufacturers are releasing products based on this new platform. Today we are going to take a look on a model from ECS, P55H-A Black Series, which is a mainstream model featuring all-solid capacitors."
3 Guru3D
"Today as such we'll have a look at yet another P55 motherboard, ECS is launching their P55H-A which is a Black Edition that comes with some nifty additional features and really tasty looks, and it doesn't break the bank."
4 Overclockers Club
"The layout wasn't the most impressive. For instance, I was not at all happy with where ECS decided to stick the auxiliary power connector. I was also unhappy about where the IDE connector was located. To me layout is one of the most important aspects of a motherboard, so these defaults really brought the P55H-A down a few notches in my book. I was also surprised that the Driver CD didn't work. Vista has been out for a while now, and 64-Bit is nothing new. The fact that the Driver CD didn't support 64-Bit Vista is just ridiculous."
5 TBreak
"The ECS P55H-A motherboard offers a good range of features, the package is good enough to build up a system with it despite being simplistic, the onboard debug LED is an excellent addition to this motherboard and helps the user quickly troubleshoot any problems that may arise."
6 Hardware Overclock
" has reviewed the ECS Elitegroup P55H-A, a very interesting price/performance Socket 1156 board. More about the features, overclocking and performance you can find in the review."
7 PCShopTalk
"In this review I will test the first board made by ECS with the P55 chipset, LGA1156 socket and will compare the test results with the P55 boards I have tested in the past, but also with a X58 platform, to see how the performances differ and if the Hyperthreading feature on the I7 920 brings a big advantage over the I5 750."
"This board performs great, with performance in the same class as other motherboards in this chipset. Overclocking was a bit of a mixed bag as the 750 CPU was able to overclock to 4GHz without issue but the voltage options did not allow me to see what the new voltage would be."
9 Phoronix
"The ECS P55H-A arrived in a package that was colorful and covered with fancy graphics on the front to attract gamers and enthusiasts. Like most ECS products, on the inside are a limited number of accessories for the Intel motherboard. Included with the P55H-A were four Serial ATA data cables, one IDE ribbon cable, I/O panel, ECS user's guide, quick install guide, an ECS driver CD, and a CD for ECS eJIFFY. "
10 PC Perspective
"Its feature set and benchmarks scores aren't going to make consumers put it on lay-away for the holidays, but its ease-of-use and no-frills functionality are great selling points along with the $100 price tag. We've experienced a lot of ups and downs with ECS's "Black Series" motherboards and we've seen where they've had to cut corners a bit to bring the price of the product down."
11 Neoseeker
"Equipped with Intel's P55 chipset, the P55H-A sports the LGA1156 socket and supports Core i5 and Core i7 800-series processors. The board also can support a pair of ATI cards in CrossFire -- though it lacks SLI, most probably in order to keep the costs down. When it comes to memory, ECS however does have you covered with dual-channel DDR3 with claims of support for speeds above 2130 MHz through overclocking."
12 iXBT Labs
We probably shouldn't expect much from ECS P55H-A. On the other hand, who cares about manufacturer profitability and ambitions while it produces quality, adequately priced solutions with decent features. Inexpensive models are the bulk of sales after all. Let's see whether ECS P55H-A is attractive enough.