ASUS Maximus III Gene

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1 Guru3D
"Today we'll review the Maximus Gene III, for what I feel is one of the best tweaker / gamer P55 motherboards currently available in the market. The ROG addition motherboards lure the audience, it's a perfect match -- it's that simple. This is what you, me and everybody else would like to see in our PCs alright."
2 Elite Bastards
"Of course, this motherboard sports an LGA 1156 socket, while memory support is offered up via four DDR3 slots which can take a 4GB module each, with the Maximus III Gene supporting speeds of up to 1333MHz at stock clocks and up to 2133MHz in an overclocked configuration."
3 Hot Hardware
"Up until now, when users thought of a micro-ATX board, they typically expect find a slimmed down version of a full sized product, minus some of the bells and whistles and perhaps sacrificing some of the enthusiast-friendly features of their larger brethren. Recognizing a need for high performance, yet smaller form-factor motherboard, ASUS stepped in with two offerings: the Rampage II Gene for Core i7/DDR3 owners, and the Maximus II Gene we are reviewing today, with support for Core 2 Duo/Quad processors and DDR2 memory."
4 Bjorn3D
"These motherboards were known as the ROG (Rebuplic Of Gamers) series GENE, they still carried their bigger brothers name ie. Rampage II, Maximus II. Today ASUS, adds another one of these 'Mini Monters' to their line up. I am proud to bring you ladies/gents another ROG GENE motherboard, the ASUS Maximus III GENE."
5 Neoseeker
"Just like the Formula, the Maximus III Gene sports Intel's P55 chipset, LGA1156 socket and supports Core i5 and i7 800-series processors. Faithful to ASUS' Republic of Gamers product line, the Gene carries just about every feature the engineers could think of. Needless to say that the board supports both CrossFire and SLI multi-GPU technologies and dual channel DDR3 memory up to 2133 MHz through overclocking."
6 OCAholic
The Asus Maximus III genes makes for a mATX motherboard has a very good impression and is a standard ATX motherboard is not for nothing. The board is for gamers, PC enthusiasts, but also suitable for the office user. Through the mATX format, it is possible to assemble a compact machine that is extremely powerful.
7 PureOC
"The ASUS Maximus III Gene is a micro-ATX motherboard that promises virtually the same features and performance as its bigger brother, the Formula, but in a smaller package. The Republic of Gamer products offer some serious features and performance for demanding consumers, so let's push this little board and see how far it goes."
8 HardOCP
"The ASUS Maximus III Gene comes from an increasingly long lineage of ROG boards. Specifically it comes from an ever increasing amount of boards using the Maximus name. Like the Maximus III Formula the Maximus III Gene is based on the Intel P55 Express chipset. Unlike the Formula, the Gene is a uATX form factor based board rather than a full sized ATX board."
9 PC Perspective
ASUS continues to push the envelope in terms of performance, overclocking, and the amount of hardware they can fit on this form factor too. The included SupremeFX X-Fi audio chip, dual PCI-E x16 slots, and unique innovations to the memory DIMMs are just a few features that will enhance any gamer or HTPC user's experience with this motherboard.
10 Hardware Secrets
ASUS Maximus III Gene is a socket 1156 motherboard based on Intel P55 chipset using the micro-ATX form factor and featuring two PCI Express x16 slots, Japanese solid capacitors and many overclocking options. Like Rampage III Extreme it is part of "Republic of Gamers" (ROG) product line, which is the high-performance series from ASUS with a unique visual identity.
11 TechPowerUp
"Summing it all up proves very easy, as there is no question which board is both the better performer, as well as the better overclocker. I remain so impressed with the Maximus III Gene that it will become my main motherboard, without a doubt. All the included features packed into such a small package didn't detract from the board's ability, and it truly shocked me how everything worked so well together."