Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD4

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1 Bjorn3D
"Up until last year the thought of using a micro ATX motherboard was like scraping the bottom of the barrel. Especially if that computer had high end computer components. Nowadays with all of the options and features we get with micro ATX motherboards, even I wouldn't hesitate on throwing one in my computer. GIGABYTE has joined the ranks of manufacturers that produce a micro ATX motherboard that performs very well, and has the capability of overclocking. Lets step into the world of the Gigabyte P55M-UD4 MATX motherboard and see whats makes this motherboard tick."
2 Neoseeker
"Next up is the P55M-UD4, which is a microATX motherboard, thus making the packaging much smaller than the UD6. Fortunately, it still retains the solid cardboard box to keep it safe during shipping. Gigabyte advertises mostly the same features as the UD6, minus the 24 phase VRM. Beside that, you get the same three year warranty as well as Ultra Durable 3 and Smart6. Also, just like it's big brother, the UD4 works fine under Windows 7 and plays well with CrossFire and SLI."
3 HardOCP
"GIGABYTE is well known in the computer component space for their high performance products that boast some of the best stability records in the sector. While not embraced by the enthusiast crowd overwhelmingly in the motherboard space till recently, GIGABYTE caters to the enthusiasts with its innovative BIOS and cooling designs. Their latest addition to their Intel P55 chipset line does a fine job of illustrating this trend."
4 PC Perspective
We had great expectations for this P55-based board and the P55M-UD4 did not disappoint us in any aspect of our benchmarks and other testing. The If we had any beef with it, we might have liked it to be a bit cheaper than its $149.99 price tag because smart PC enthusiasts are looking to drop their hard-earned cash on boards with USB 3.0 and SATA 6GB/s support right now.