Intel DP55WG

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"With Firewire, and a fully fledged audio solution in the form of a Realtek ALC889 which has content protection and Firewire, the DP55WG is a great solution for those wanting a Media PC with all of the features to play back Blu-Ray. Intel knows their customer base with motherboards for every need. From a performance point of view, the DP55WG performs near on par with its DP55KG in terms of performance but falls short on overclocking as one would expect from a non-Extreme board from Intel."
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"For most consumers, Intel might not be the first name to come to mind when building a new PC, but the company offers a rather robust line-up of boards for each chipset it releases. We're looking at the $140 "mainstream" DP55WG, which has an simple overall feature-set, but includes support for IR and also NVIDIA's SLI."
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"Today we shall review a motherboard that has maximum PCIe-related features (for a P55-based solution), but lacks heatpipes, additional disk drive controllers -- everything that would prevent it from being reasonably priced."
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"These two boards might have the same form factor, chipset and processor support, but the price difference shows something bigger must be happening. When Legit Reviews first saw these motherboards at Quakecon 2009 we discovered that the Intel DP55WG 'Warrensburg' motherboard is based off the same PCB as the Intel DP55KG 'Kinsberg' motherboard, but has been stripped down."
5 X-Bit Labs
"However, in most cases we will compare Intel DP55WG only against two solutions from this list. First, we have to find out how this solution differs from Intel DP55KG, which belongs to a more technologically advanced Extreme Series. Since both solutions are from two different product lineups and are in different price ranges, the differences between them must be quite significant."