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"Unfortunately, there is not much here for high-end gamers, as CrossFire is not supported by the A785GM-AD3 and graphics cards with large dual slot coolers will block the top two SATA ports, leaving only the three bottom ports available. Let's face it though - this board is not a high-end model and if issues like these bother you, I am sure you are willing to shell out the extra cash necessary to avoid them. In the end, the ECS A785GM-AD3 did exactly what is supposed to do."
"ECS has taken the 785G chipset, and added a few features not found on many motherboards including Special ACC, eJiffy and 15 micron gold plating. This results in a better motherboard for overclocking versus the 785GM-M board which is similar in many respects. Performance on the 785GM-AD3 is stellar with higher overall performance is excellent for this chipset."
Unlike most other 780G chipset boards at the time, which were micro-ATX "mainstream" units designed for home theater or general all-purpose home use, The ECS A780GM-A Ultra Black Series was geared towards the enthusiast, with a full size ATX PCB featuring the new SB750 Southbridge, VRM heatsink, 8-pin EPS +12v connector and solid caps for more stable power with a whopping 160W TDP processor handling capability.
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I will not hide my disappointment about the A785GM-AD3. It is mainly due to the many features it lacks that the vast majority of boards based on the 785G chipset have. Most importantly, it does not have an onboard HDMI output.