ASUS Maximus III Extreme

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1 Guru3D
ASUS added a new P55 motherboard in the Republic of Gamers series motherboards, yes the Maximus III Extreme has arrived in our labs. The Maximus III Extreme is what I feel is one of the best tweaker / gamer P55 motherboards currently available in the market. Maximus III extreme will endear itself to PC enthusiasts and gamers.
2 Bjorn3D
For every platform, a premiere board appears for every vendor. Asus is known for making the end-all and be-all of premier boards. The Asus Maximus 3 Extreme just about goes beyond that stage. When we first received the board, the sheer number of features was overwhelming. What amazed us most was that almost all of the features were practical and useful.
3 TweakTown
4 Legit Reviews
I would suspect the Maximus III Extreme to sit somewhere between $300 and $350, tending closer to $350. Just a quick search of Newegg yields only 3 likely candidates for competition: the MSI P55 Big Bang series and the EVGA P55 Classified 200. In a feature shoot-out the Maximus III Extreme has them beat with USB 3.0, SATA 6 Gbps, 4-way CrossFire PCIe slots, and ROG Connect right out of the box.
5 PureOC
The ASUS Maximus III Extreme is a motherboard that brings a host of innovations and value-added features that make for a very enticing product. Perhaps most important, however, is that the MIIIE is designed for hardcore use by demanding enthusiasts who want to extract the most out of their system.