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1 Hardware Secrets
ECS has released four motherboards based on the Intel H55 chipset, which is targeted to the Core i3 and Core i5 processors with integrated video. H55H-I is a mini-ITX board targeted to users building small home theater computers (HTPC's). Is this motherboard a good pick? Let's see.
2 PureOC
The ECS H55H-I is a mini ITX motherboard that offers respectable features and performance to value-conscious consumers. Sporting a wide array of video connection ports including HDMI, analog and optical audio, eSATA, and even space for a discrete PCI-Express graphics card if you want, the H55H-I looks to be a nice option for LGA1156 value seekers.
3 Guru3D
We test the ECS H55H-I. It's been topic amongst many of the male versus female species for decades now and here at Guru3D today we will bring you the definitive answer to the eternal question ... does size matter ?! Pop on a Clarkdale based processor like the Core i3 or Core i5 series and you can use it's HDMI, DVI of DSUB graphics connector.
If you want the perfect HTPC, simply install a 73W CPU, a decent PSU, memory and a SATA HDD/SSD and a Blu-ray player/Combo player into a mini-ITX case and you have a powerful system in its own right not much bigger than a paperback book.
5 X-Bit Labs
"The small box with ECS H55H-I is all covered with logotypes of CPUs, features, technologies and software tools. A photo of the mainboard and a brief summary of its capabilities can be found on the back of the box. Besides the mainboard, the box contains a user manual, a poster with installation instructions, two Serial ATA cables with metallic locks and L-shaped connectors, an I/O shield, and a DVD with software and drivers."
"There is a very compact distribution, giving priority to the variety over quantity, as in the plate we have different connection ports and interfaces such as SATA 2 ports, two memory slots for DDR3, PCIe x16 port, audio high definition and RJ-45 LAN port. Much of the motherboard is occupied by the LGA 1156 socket with the power phases that are not massive but enough for the processor to operate with its normal frequency and even overclock."