ASRock 890GX Extreme3

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I had a blast working with the ASRock 890GX Extreme3 motherboard. If you look only at performance numbers the ASRock 890GX Extreme3 outperformed the MSI 785GM-E65 in the majority of the tests. Though there is much more to the ASRock 890GX Extreme3. The features that the ASRock 890GX Extreme3 offers, are key points that should be taken into consideration as well.
2 MadShrimps
Knowing ASrock as a company that usually pumps out zillions of colourfull entry level boards, sometimes innovating by integrating older technology like eg AGP slots onto new platforms, makes them stand out from the crowd. Sadly when you mention ASrock, most immediately are thinking about cheap hardware, correlating it with poor build quality and durability, lack of features...
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Feast your eyes on the new X58 Extreme3. It is an incredibly attractive motherboard, based on the high end X58 chipset from Intel. We read all the new specifications on the board like USB 3.0 and SATA 3.0. Impressive as those are, we could not get over the sheer good looks of the board.
ASRock has done a fine job bringing all of the newest features to the 890GX Extreme3 motherboards. This board has SATA 6 Gb/second, USB 3.0 and even external SATA 6 Gb/second. The UCC chip allows users to unlock locked cores assuming the CPU can do it.
5 Metku
To give you an idea of the HD4290 performance we also ran the X3: Terran Conflict-game test with the integrated graphics. As a benchmark here we used the HD 5450 graphics card, which is the slowest card in Ati's current 5-range of cards. Even compared to this the integrated HD4290 just doesn't cut it.
6 iXBT Labs
Without a doubt, this is a worthy representative of the AMD 890GX family. It has everything you need for an all-round configuration. And it's actually quite hard to name a specific target audience that could be more interested in ASRock 890GX Extreme3, especially considering its attractive price.