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1 Guru3D
MSI is one of the ODMs releasing something really special, and today we'll review the Big Bang X58 XPower motherboard. It is chucked full with the latest gadgets and features; it is equipped to make sure you get the very best overclock out of it and heck, even if you can't overclock, flick a button and the motherboard will do the work for you, completely automated.
2 TweakTown
Their boards were quite simply ahead of the game. When the Gold Finger devices came out, again MSI was at the front of the others in support for advanced cooling and a few other features. But, after that MSI sort of went into hiding. Their products dropped in quality and even in prevalence on the market.
3 Hardware Secrets
MSI Big Bang XPower is an Intel X58-based socket 1136 motherboard that comes with six PCI Express x16 slots, SATA-600 ports, USB 3.0 ports, military-grade components on the voltage regulator circuit, gazillions of overclocking options and much more. Also it is one of the few motherboards around using an easy-to-remember name instead of a part number formed with several letters and numbers. We honestly hope that MSI and other manufacturers do this more often.
4 Legion Hardware
The MSI Big Bang XPower will support up to six single slot graphics cards for some hefty multi-monitor use. It also supports the latest Quad-SLI and CrossFireX technology from NVIDIA and ATI. If you are looking to do some extreme overclocking with the new Intel Core I7 980X you will need a board that can supply enough power.
5 OC Club
The MSI Big Bang Xpower motherboard comes in a flashy gold and black themed package. The front panel shows the Big Bang graphic with the slogan "Designed for the Extreme Gamer" under the Xpower logo.The graphics along the bottom of the front panel list the processors supported (Intel Socket 1366), the chipset package (X58, ICH10R), support for Windows 7, and both CrossFireX and SLI multi-GPU strategies.
6 PC Perspective
The Big Bang XPower motherboard continues with MSI's new goals of becoming a powerhouse in the world of high quality PC components and the result here is pretty impressive. If you are looking for a motherboard that offers a great combination of overclocking features, high quality components, added extras and graphics expandability and can afford a slightly higher price for the job, the MSI Big Bang XPower is a great option!
7 PureOC
Looking to build a monster Folding @ Home rig? This may be the board for you. MSI has fashioned the Big Bang XPower board for enthusiasts, as it's built with six PCI Express slots, military-grade components, and OC Genie for some easy auto overclocking. Toss in a great price and you've got an awfully nice setup.
8 Techware Labs
Enthusiast motherboards are designed to squeeze every bit of performance out of your hardware. MSI releases their Big Bang XPOWER motherboard. Does it have the power to impress us, or will it just be another flash in the pan? Read on to find out.