ASUS Rampage III Formula

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1 PureOC
The ASUS Rampage III Formula is certainly a premium LGA1366 motherboard, and by definition it is enthusiasts that will look to a board like this. And in that sense, ASUS has really focused their Republic of Gamers products toward those consumers who want big features and top performance.
2 Bjorn3D
The ASUS Rampage III Formula supports a stunning 3-way SLI and CrossFireX, making it a dream for any hardcore gamer. The USB 3.0 and SATA 3 is yet another feature that puts this motherboard at the top of the list. What truly makes this motherboard perfect for gaming is ASUS' excellent Gigabit ethernet with ROG GameFirst and SupremeFX audio solution.
3 HardOCP
4 Tech Reaction
"The overclockability of the board from the simple standpoint is renowned. 200+ BCLK just by upping the frequency, all voltages and timings left to auto, will be a huge sigh of relief for many budding overclockers or those looking to get a little extra performance out of their setups."
5 OC Club
"As an ROG series board the expectation is that this motherboard is going to deliver great overclocking results. In this case, the motherboard did meet and exceed that expectation with an overclock of 4269MHz. To reach this overclock, the base clock was bumped up to 203MHz and the multiplier to 21."
6 8Ware
"This is undoubtedly ASUS ROG Rampage Formula III to a Main Board of the upper class. The equipment, the quality of the built-in components and performance and overclock Inge properties convincing. The layout has no errors, and imaginary for overclockers BIOS is for "normal users" to understand and easy to use."