Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD4

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1 Tech Report
"Perhaps the most natural competition for the P8P67 PRO comes from Gigabyte's GA-P67A-UD4. Like the PRO, the UD4 sits smack in the middle of Gigabyte's P67 motherboard lineup. Below it lie the UD3P and UD3, neither of which is capable of running its x16 slots in a dual-x8 configuration for CrossFireX or SLI. The UD4, like all the other boards in this round-up, supports both multi-GPU teaming schemes."
2 Neoseeker
"The P67A-UD4 utilizes a new aesthetic style that we have not yet seen from Gigabyte. This new design eliminates much of the "colorful" look Gigabyte is known for, and instead uses a solid black color scheme with only the heatsinks adding a touch of blue. In my opinion the new style, though different for Gigabyte, is a big improvement over the previous design."
3 PureOC
"Today we're looking at a new motherboard from Gigabyte for the Sandy Bridge processors: the P67A-UD4. Gigabyte has typically been known for providing a range of motherboards to consumers to suit just about any budget, and at $200 the P67A-UD4 which is geared towards consumers on a modest budget."
4 Guru3D
"So let's sum it up, the P67A-UD4 is a Sandy Bridge processor ready motherboard with a nice feature set. Connectivity wise you are set and good to go, that rear IO panel is just chucked full with connectors. The feature set is good as well, the baseline performance again good. We did expect an EFI BIOS however Gigabyte stuck to the original BIOS."
6 FunkyKit
"In this review, we'll be taking a look at the Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD4 motherboard. It utilizes Intel's new P67 chipset and supports all of the new Sandy Bridge LGA 1155 processors from Intel. This motherboard features all of Gigabyte's innovative technologies, which we mentioned earlier. These include dual BIOS, Ultra Durable 3, 2oz Copper PCB and more recent SATA3 and USB Power."
7 HardOCP
"The P67A-UD4 features a design that we have come to expect from the higher end component manufacturers, clean, sleek, and spacious. While the power components and chipset are passively cooled, in testing we found that they really didn't get that hot. The board revision is located in the upper right corner of the board, while the serial number is located on a white sticker along the outside edge of the 24-pin ATX power connector."
8 PC Perspective
"Some of the high points included the redesigned PCB with the new low-profile heatsinks and black color scheme. But, the low points involved sub-par gaming benchmark scores and fair overclocking results. We were also a bit disappointed with the lack of a full EFI BIOS with mouse support."
9 OCAholic
"Totally you'll find four fan headers on the Gigabyte P67A-UD4 which is enough to provide a well equipped midrange or even a high-end-system with fresh air. The fanheaders are located around the CPU and their also spread over the whole board which makes them easily accessible from any position in an enclosure."
10 TweakTown
"Let's dive into GIGABYTE's P67A-UD4. This is the "little brother" to the UD7 that we have already told you about. The P67A-UD4 is sort of a scaled back version of the UD7. You get dual x8 SLI and Crossfire and lose a few other features on top of that. Of course, it is not marketed to the same high-end crowd as the UD7, so it does not need the same feature set. But even without Three-Way SLI the UD4 is still a member of the Ultra Durable line and has a great feature set of its own."
11 Legit Reviews
"Just because the GIGABYTE P67A-UD4 isn't the flagship board doesn't mean that it is lacking in features. In fact, the GIGABYTE P67A-UD4 shares many of the features of the flagship P67A-UD7. We'll start out with the basic similarities between most (if not all) Intel P67 motherboards."
12 PCStats
"This is a mainstream ATX motherboard with a great set of workstation features and connectivity, all on a sleek matt-black PCB that looks fantastic in black computer chassis. The board supports 32nm socket LGA1155 2nd Generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 2xxx-series 'SandyBridge' processors, such as the Core i5 2500K, and can handle dual graphics cards."