ASUS Maximus IV Extreme

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1 OC3D
"Certainly all the parts are there. It comes with all the ROG goodness we'd expect to find such as the LN2 and ProbeIt features for those extreme overclockers. We have the Go button and BIOS recovery options that help all of us to reach the potential of our system as quickly as possible without too many headaches."
2 Hardware Heaven
"When we took an initial look at the Sandy Bridge platform last week we included two motherboards from Intel which, as always, set the bar high for quality and performance. With their Maximus IV Extreme ASUS have taken the platform to an entirely new level, even at this early stage. Essentially what we have here, from a design and build quality perspective, is the result of the ASUS engineers sitting down and throwing everything they could at the P67 platform."
3 Pro Clockers
"ASUS have sent us several P67 based motherboards over the past few months, none of which are as sought after by the enthusiasts as the Maximus IV Extreme. Being part of the Republic of Gamer product line you know that you will not only will get every last feature supported by the chipset, but then some as well. ASUS have always put an extra effort in to giving the consumer what they want in a motherboard. Sometimes, the consumer gets even more than what they were after, all thanks to ASUS going that extra mile."
4 PureOC
"The ASUS Maximus IV Extreme is a premium P67 motherboard that may just be the best P67 offering on the market. With a groundbreaking UEFI BIOS and some insane auto overclocking results, the M4E will not only leave you drooling but considerably lighter in the pocketbook as well."
5 TweakTown
"While a lot of the recent motherboard news has come from the Intel Z68 chipset and the new AMD 990FX one, the original Sandy Bridge P67 chipset from Intel is still very dominant on the market. If you have a look at Newegg, you'll find around 50 P67 based motherboard for sale while the Z68 sits around the 20 mark."
6 Hardware Secrets
"In fact, according to ASUS, the sales of P67-based motherboards are still outperforming those of Z68-based products. ASUS offers a wide range of motherboards based on this chipset, and today we are going to take a look at the most high-end model from this manufacturer, the Maximus IV Extreme, which offers four PCI Express x16 slots supporting high speeds and a myriad of advanced options for the extreme enthusiast."
7 Bjorn3D
"The ASUS Maximus IV Extreme is a top-of-the-line P67 offering for the ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) line. ROG offerings are always highly features with either newly introduced technologies or at the very least just about every option that normally can be placed on a board. Besides gamers, ROG has also built a strong following with enthusiasts and overclocker crowd. ASUS has tailored a lot of the options on the Maximus IV Extreme for better overclocking."
8 NinjaLane
"In this review we will be looking at the ASUS Republic of Gamers Maximus IV Extreme motherboard. This is a P67 based board that currently shares the top of the line spot with the Maximus iV Extreme-Z. Both motherboards share a similar design and, aside from the obvious chipset changes, should be almost identical."
9 X-Bit Labs
"So, we can certainly recommend the Maximus IV Extreme for enthusiasts but you must be aware that you can only make full use of its graphics potential if you have three graphics cards. The mainboard allows using one or two graphics cards as well, but the additional Nvidia NF200 controller is not utilized in this case."
10 Neoseeker
"In this roundup Neoseeker has four motherboards on the chopping block. All of them will be put through the same testing processes and judged accordingly. Running through the gauntlet today is a single motherboard from ASUS, two from Gigabyte and one from Sapphire. Most of the motherboards utilize the Z68 chipset detailed above, while the ASUS motherboard uses the P67 chipset."
11 Future Looks