ASUS Sabertooth P67

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1 Guru3D
"Today's tested product is by all means creative. A P67 motherboard from ASUS which comes with that new uEFI BIOS which has been discussed so much. It's the TUF Sabertooth P67 from ASUS, designed with a plastic shroud based on aerodynamics. The shield is part of what is called 'Thermal Armor' and it will be the primary trademark for this motherboard from here onwards, as whatever you might think of it, it's the signature of the motherboard."
2 Vortez
"The Sabertooth P67 we are going to take a look at today comes with the exciting new ASUS EFI BIOS which is streamlined to make tweaking your setup that bit easier but the significant feature that will be on most peoples mind when you mention Sabertooth P67 is the Thermal Armour that this board arrives with."
3 8Ware
"To start the Intel "Sandy Bridge" CPUs, the new ASUS P67 motherboard Sabertooth presents the TUF series. TUF stands for "The Ultimate Force", a series of ASUS motherboards with built-in military-standard components. The new board is based on Intel's P67 Express chipset and supports all current Intel CPUs Sandy Bridge."
4 OCAholic
"Totally ASUS provided the Sabertooth P67 with eight angled SATA ports which should be enough for any office PC or gaming system. Unfortunately you won't find practical onboard power- and reset-buttons. ASUS also didn't equip the P67 Sabertooth with a debug display which would have been useful if you should once have issues with one of the components in your system."
5 Bjorn3D
"The P67 chipset might have been replaced by the Z68, but it still offers more than enough in the way of features and performance. As with all other P67 boards, overclocking is an integral part of the ASUS P67 Sabertooth. Unlike newer Z68 boards, this P67 does not have any onboard graphics options, but for most gamers and enthusiasts, that is not a big problem."
6 FutureLooks
7 Hardware Secrets
"Even though the Intel Z68 chipset is out there, motherboards based on the Intel P67 continue to be attractive options for systems based on Intel socket 1155 CPUs. In fact, according to ASUS, the sales of P67-based motherboards are still outperforming those of Z68-based products. The Sabertooth P67 is a top mid-range (or entry high-end, depending on your point of view) motherboard that focuses on quality. Let's see what is so special about this model."
8 Tech Report
"Asus' Sabertooth P67 motherboard offers five-year warranty coverage, loads of temperature sensors, and a novel shroud designed to cool motherboard components. We take a closer look at whether Asus has built the perfect premium P67 board for enthusiasts."
"The ASUS Sabertooth P67 mainboard is certain to garner attention from onlookers. Perhaps one of the reasons is many of the mainboards out there have started to blend together with the same general look. I don't know if the TUF Thermal Armor is going to catch on elsewhere, but I do like the innovation."