ASUS E35M1-M Pro

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1 eTekinx
"The DirectX 11 capable APU gave really strong results throughout out testing phase in terms of synthetic benchmarks and gaming tests. The main use that we can see for a board like this would be for home servers or more commonly expected; HTPC's giving the user exactly what they need and nothing more. This includes the ability to play HD video at 1080p, play 720p based games and also be used as a video encoding machine."
2 TechSpot
"Admittedly the Atom processors were still pretty sluggish by desktop standards commanded by quad-core CPUs of the time, but they allowed manufacturers like Asus to build the highly successful line of Eee netbooks, and the dozens if not hundreds of low-powered, low-cost systems that followed behind. The initial Atom "Diamondville" architecture suffered from some inadequacies as it relied on the older 945G chipset for most of its features, including the graphics engine."
3 Neoseeker
"The ASUS E35M1-M Pro steps its Brazos board offerings up in form factor, and expandability with a host of connectors and headers; it's the only board of its kind to offer more expansion slots than a single full-length PCI-E, and in fact the only one to be bigger in form factor than mini-ITX. At $145 it's not too expensive, now hit our review to see how it fares against its mini-ITX siblings."