Biostar TP67XE

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1 X-Bit Labs
"Unfortunately, Biostar TP67XE is just an inexpensive mainboard with the functionality matching its price point. It is obviously behind the mainstream, not to mention high-end solutions. We were mostly upset about the reduced BIOS functionality and some obvious issues in it, failure to overclock the CPU to its maximum, as well as somewhat outdated proprietary software bundled with the board."
2 Legit Reviews
"BIOSTAR isn't one of the big names in motherboards today, frankly that's a shame. Throughout our testing today, the BIOSTAR TP67XE motherboard has kept me happy. It may not have been top performing board across all of our tests today. It did however, do a great job overall. What did impressed me the most was the overclocking ability of the BIOSTAR TP67XE. As we saw on the overclocking page we were able to overclock our Intel Core i5 2500K to 5GHz on this motherboard..."