ASUS P8Z68-V Pro

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1 TBreak
2 iXBT Labs
"ASUS P8Z68-V Pro supposedly fits between P8Z68-V and P8Z68 Deluxe. The "Pro" suffix hints at the mid-end or even entry-level nature. But despite that ASUS P8Z68-V Pro offers four USB 3.0 ports, four SATA-600 ports, Bluetooth, and supports SLI/CrossFire/Virtu. What else could you wish for?"
3 Hardware Secrets
"So far, ASUS has released five motherboard models based on the Intel Z68 chipset. With prices ranging from USD 180 to USD 360, there is a model for any kind of user. Today we are taking a look at one of the mid-range models, the P8Z68-V PRO."
4 Benchmark Reviews
"Intel's Sandy Bridge CPUs and their accompanying Cougar Point chipsets brought a new level of price/performance to the enthusiast market. There was just one problem: you had to choose between a motherboard with the H67 chipset, which enabled the on-CPU graphics and Intel's new Quick Sync transcoding engine, or a motherboard based on the P67 chipset, which enabled the amazing overclocking ability of the "K"-series CPUs."
5 PureOC
"With the launch of the Intel Z68 chipset comes new motherboards to the market as well. Today we're looking at the ASUS P8Z68-V PRO, a feature-rich board that comes with an attractive price tag of $209. A quick glance reveals it looks very familiar, bearing a striking resemblance to its P67 brethren, with a black and blue aesthetic that looks quite pleasant."
6 Guru3D
"Next to that most Z68 motherboards will get the ability to switch in-between the processor IGP and a dedicated graphics card. That means you could use the Sandy Bridge IGP for seriously fast transcoding, yet once you want to play a game your dedicated graphics card, that 3D accelerated solution will kick in. Pretty cool stuff, in theory."
7 Hexus
"But Z68's hybrid nature is exemplified by the 'southbridge', which really is an amalgamation of H67 and P67, plus some other goodies on top. The entire left-hand side is a replica of an H67, which means it has support for outputting Sandy Bridge CPUs' video via three digital connections (only two concurrently), made possible by the Flexible Display Interface hook-up to the chip."
8 TweakTown
"As the days go on we find ourselves with more and more Z68 based boards arriving in our labs for us to look at. The latest today is from ASUS and carries with it the P8Z68-V Pro model name. We didn't preview any ASUS boards prior to the Z68 launch, so we'll be looking at what exactly is on offer from the P8Z68-V Pro. We'll get straight into the package to see what is going on there before we have a look at the motherboard itself."
9 OC Club
"The Z68 lineup from ASUS is something that you should think twice about getting your feet into, as all three of the boards that were tested in this roundup were able to perform quite well. When you are looking at the overclocking alone on the three boards, the ASUS P8Z68 DELUXE was able to get a little higher of an overclock, however all three of the boards were able to keep the i7 2600K above 4700MHz."
10 X-Bit Labs
"The LGA1155 mainboards from ASUS we tested before stood out due to an integrated Bluetooth controller, great EFI BIOS implementation, rich functionality and good overclocking-friendly options. ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe, P8Z68-V Pro and P8Z68-V have all of the above."
11 HardOCP
"ASUS uses the same packaging used with all the other P8xxx series boards. This packaging is basic but provides adequate protection for getting the board from manufacturing to the end user. Inside the package there are few accessories. Among them are; the user guide, driver DVD, SATA cables, SLI bridge, Q-connectors, and an I/O shield."