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1 OCAholic
"With the M5A99X Evo, ASUS has a motherboard in its portfolio which is based on the very recent AMD 990X chipset. Furthermore it features an attractive pricing and quite a lot of features. There is for example the possibility to connect up to six USB 3.0 drives. This board also features ASUS' very well though EFI BIOS."
2 PureOC
"We're looking at two mainstream AMD motherboards from ASUS: the M5A97 EVO and the M5A99X EVO. They're very similar in their features and capabilities, but do have some distinct differences that can appeal to a good range of needs. Both come with fantastic prices and both come with deceptively strong overclocking abilities. How about 4.7GHz on a $120 board?"
3 TechPowerUp
"The brand-new ASUS M5A99X EVO, sports AMD's 990X and SB950 chipset. It is one of the first boards to offer full support for NVIDIA SLI and is also optimized for CrossFire configurations with its three PCI-E x16 slots."
4 TweakTown
"It's a great board, but at $239.99 US it might be a bit more money than you want to spend. In steps the M5A99X EVO from ASUS; priced at $164.99 US it might be a more attractive option for you and your bank account. At $75 US less, is the M5A99X EVO an option that people really want to look at, though? What does $75 US less get you?"
5 PC Perspective
"The Crosshair V is without question the most impressive AM3+ board I have worked with to date. Installation was flawless, BIOS support was mature and quick, and the overwhelming amount of features integrated into this board is staggering."
6 iXBT Labs
"Both ASUS M5A97 EVO and ASUS M5A99X EVO offer all you may need to build a solid gaming rig or a decent workhorse. It's nice that things like CPU VRMs with lots of phases, high-quality circuitry and diverse interfaces have become a standard in the mid-end range."