ASRock A55 Pro3

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"As far as layout and features go, the ASRock A55 Pro3 did ok. The layout of the board was great, except for the fact that a majority of the SATA cables were not right-angled. As far as features are concerned, I would have liked to see a bit more. I know I can't expect much from a motherboard that costs $75, and what you're getting for the price is great, I just felt as though something more could have been done."
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"They have sent over the A55 Pro3 board, which as the name implies is based on AMD's A55 FCH chip (or Fusion Controller Hub if you remember it first being mentioned back in the E350M1 review), and is the little brother to the A75 FCH. Both of these are what make up AMD's Lynx desktop platform and it is aptly named we think."