ASUS P9X79 Pro

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1 Tech Report
"The Asus board is the only one among the four to cut the cord on FireWire. That's somewhat disappointing in light of the fact that the P9X79 PRO is among the most expensive of the lot. At least the board features Realtek's latest ALC898 audio codec, which also appears on Gigabyte's X79-UD5."
2 Legit Reviews
"At $329.00 the ASUS P9X79 Pro is on the lower end of the price spectrum. We are hearing that the expected price of all Intel X79 motherboards will likely be between $300 and $500. This may be a tough pill for some to swallow in today's economy. I'm not saying that the ASUS P9X79 Pro price is out of line, it's right in line with what we were expecting before we got our hands on any of the hardware."
3 Anandtech
4 Bjorn3D
"When we first heard about the ASUS P9X79 Pro motherboard, we knew right off the bat that it would most likely be an excellent motherboard, but we did not actually think that ASUS will be able to put so many features onto a single motherboard."
5 TweakTown
"Out of the ASUS boards we've looked at which include the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme, the ASUS Sabertooth X79 along with the P9X79 Deluxe we linked to just above as well, the P9X79 Pro is actually the cheapest option out of the four boards we've checked out. What does the drop in price mean, though?"
6 PureOC
"ASUS is known for producing a wide range of motherboards to suit just about any preference, need, or budget, and today we have three motherboards from their new X79 lineup for review. Each of these boards share many similarities but also some distinct differences, and rather than splitting them up into separate reviews, we've decided to compile them all into one big roundup."