MSI Big Bang XPower II

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1 Guru3D
"Power to the CPU is delivered through a whopping 22 Phase PWM Design with a maximum output power of 770 Watts hence you'll spot two 8-pin ATX CPU power connectors (don't worry you can use just one). Anyway, head on over to the next page where we'll discuss the X79 chipset, the respective MSI X79 Big bang XPower II."
2 TBreak
"Carrying the Big Bang moniker, the new XPower II motherboard is quite obviously an ATX sized monstrosity, but the packaging seems deceptively mid-sized. The glossy gold and black color scheme looks really nice, without looking overly flashy. It somehow reminds me of the design aesthetics of Deus Ex: Human Revolution."
3 Legit Reviews
"With the Big Bang moniker the MSI Big Bang XPower II has a lot to live up to, after all that is (arguably) how the universe was created. Since the XPower II is from MSI we expected nothing but the best, and they have delivered today!"
4 TweakTown
"While the motherboard side of things has been a bit quieter recently, a couple of good looking ones have arrived that we need to get stuck into. While it looks like the video card market isn't going to slow down any time soon, the motherboard market on the other hand is about to go into overdrive as we see the launch of the Intel Z77 Express Ivy Bridge platform soon."