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So where does the Asus P6T fall on the performance and feature ladder? Will the reduction in power circuits and much smaller cooling solution impact how well this board overclocks? Theoretically it should but theories are just that, a best guess. Even with the differences, the P6T Deluxe OC and P6T share many similarities.
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As with other Asus Intel motherboard series, the P6T falls just under the Deluxe model, and is a full-featured but more affordable board. The P6T supports 3-way SLI and 3-way CrossFireX, triple-channel memory, and all of the other goodies provided by the X58 chipset. Read on to find out about the Asus P6T!
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Modern Deluxe models from ASUS are represented by "regular" top boards, if we can say so. That is such a product fully implements rich features of the chipset and expands them to the level above average -- for example, it may come with an additional FireWire controller and digital audio outputs on the rear panel.
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Based on Intel's latest and greatest chipset, the X58, it packs in features for the workstation buyers and overclockers alike. Admittedly, the OC Palm edition is more of an enthusiast's board, whereas the "standard" P6T Deluxe would be more in line for a workstation. Nevertheless, they are essentially exactly the same aside from just one peripheral which we will get into in just a bit. First, though, let's take a look at the incredible features built into this board.
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We here at B3d have already looked at the P6T Deluxe a while back and its performance was nothing sort of outstanding. While the P6T Deluxe is Asus's mid priced offering, today we are going to be looking at their basic and budget offering, the P6T, that should let those of you wanting to jump on the i7 bandwagon get their foot in the door for a little less of a cash out lay without sacrificing performance.