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ASUS is the biggest manufacturer of motherboards in the world. They had revenues of 6.9 billion USD in 2007. They manufacture motherboards, video cards and other computer equipment and have a long history of solid products. In fact, Doc and I use ASUS motherboards in our primary computers and have for a long time. They have released many motherboards based upon the X58 chipset including the Rampage II motherboard, the P6T6 Deluxe and many others.
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"With the release of the X58 chipset around 10 months ago, a lot has changed in the world of computer hardware. Suddenly, gamers and hardcore enthusiasts were able to purchase a motherboard which supported both SLI and CrossFire, were able to run memory in an all-new triple-channel scenario and last but not least, make use of the awesome performance the i7 series processor offered."
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Entry-level status means that the P6T SE does without a lot of the bells and whistles that, really, most people don't need. Whilst we can understand the lack of bundled brackets and the omission of a board-mounted button here or there in the name of cost, the absence of SLI certification is a considerable compromise that isn't made on some competitors' cheaper boards.