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The Rampage II GENE come packaged in style. Sporting the same design as the rest of the motherboard's current RoG brethren, the Rampage II GENE comes in a flashy red box with Rampage II GENE artistically plastered on every side in a gray to silver gradient contrasting beautifully with the bright background. One of the truly stand out features on the packaging however is the remarkably refreshing absence of some cheesy alien/cyborg/elitist object attempting to proclaim the units superiority through outright lack of any taste whatsoever.
2 TBreak
Under observation the board also proved impressive as we noted decent temperatures across the board. The only issue was with the NB chipset which does become quite warm under load. Thus if you really want to push this board in the overclocking stakes and maintain 100% stability, we highly recommend that you use some form of active cooling.
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Micro-ATX or mATX boards are essentially a slimmed down version of the standard ATX motherboard. They offer similar expansion features as their full sized brethren including support for the same CPUs and memory. Most of the mATX platforms that offer great performance have been rare with the bulk of the blame aimed at the available chipsets.
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ASUS decided that they wanted to change that perception with one fell swoop and released an m-ATX version of their extremely popular Rampage line of motherboards. Today we will be looking at the ASUS Rampage II Gene. The Gene is a fully featured m-ATX motherboard supporting the latest Intel i7 processors, six DDR3 DIMM slots, dual PCI-E 16X expansion slots for full CrossFireX and SLI support, powered by the Intel X58 chipset and all that it has to offer.
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Intel's all-singing, all-dancing X58 chipset - X58 IOH and ICH10R southbridge - is an expensive bit of silicon, so much so that motherboard manufacturers have felt impelled to launch fully-loaded, full-ATX-sized motherboards, pushing up the price. A couple of months ago, ASUS, the largest motherboard manufacturer in the world, decided to do X58 a little different. Rather than tow the usual full-ATX X58 line, on which it already has plenty of boards, the company released a micro-ATX X58 motherboard loaded to the hilt and presented under the Republic of Gamers banner.
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The Rampage II Gene is Asus' latest product out of the Republic of Gamers series. The RoG motherboards usually come in ATX and some even E-ATX format, but this one is a tiny mATX. Size matters, you say? Maybe not. The Gene is equipped with the usual six memory slots, a whole bunch of connectivity, X-Fi SupremeFX sound, CrossFire, SLI and the list goes on.
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The Republic of Gamers or ROG based ASUS boards are what ASUS calls their cream of the crop boards; a lot of time and effort goes into them and so far all the boards we have tested under the ROG name have been impressive. However, none have been this small before; we are talking real small, MicroATX.
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Once I recieved this motherboard, I quickly opened up the package for a quick visual scan of the motherboard to make sure nothing was damaged. I realized that this motherboard again was, in fact, a micro ATX design. Don't get me wrong. There are good micro ATX motherboards out there, and some even have some overclockability capabilities, but not much. So, this was my mind set, and even though the settings are there, does not mean I am gonna be able to get very far?
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And then the Asus Rampage II GENE arrived, which is one of only two microATX motherboards currently available that support the Core i7. While microATX motherboards usually lack the support and features of a standard ATX board, Asus has evidently worked against that establishment making sure that the Rampage II GENE includes everything today's gamer might need along with overclocking support.
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You'd need a heart of stone to avoid being won over by the looks of the Asus Rampage II Gene. This X58 motherboard uses a MicroATX form factor and is packaged in a square box. Lift the lid and the Gene is displayed under a plastic clear cover with the manual, cables and other extras all tucked out of sight underneath. The initial impression is of a smaller, cuter version of the Rampage II Extreme.