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1 Bjorn3D
Asus comes at us again with another board for the AMD camp. We all know that Intel's Core i7 and the X58 platform is where it's at right now, but if you're a lowly guy like me you can't afford the toys for the big boys. Or, if you can, the wife doesn't want you spending that hard earned money for something to take your attention off her *wink*.
2 AMDZone
This includes TurboV which allows for easier overclocking, TurboKey which allows the user to overclock with the push of a button, ExpressGate which is a tiny Linux distribution that ships with the motherboard that features a web browser, music player, Skype, and instant messaging capabilities, Q-Connector to allow for quick connection from the case front panel connectors to the motherboard, Q-Shield which removes the annoying metal tabs on the I/O shield with something that works instantly and is slightly padded.
ASUS motherboards tend to be best of the best in terms of performance, features, overclocking room and more. The general trend of the computer industry is that there are Tier-1 motherboard manufacturers like ASUS then there are lesser known manufacturers like ASRock who are a subsidiary of ASUS to make the mainstream versions of the boards ASUS makes.