ASUS Crosshair III Formula

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The ASUS Crosshair III Formula isn't a new kid on the block but that hardly means it's old news. This third version of ASUS' top AMD motherboard is a vast departure from the previous versions in that it no longer uses an Nvidia chipset to provide SLI. ASUS has jumped on the Dragon platform train by using AMD's 790FX chipset and providing two PCIe 2.0 x16 slots with CrossFire functionality.
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AM3 motherboards are a break away from the AM2/+ range of motherboards and will require a new AM3 compatible CPU. These CPU's carry 938pins where current AM2+ processors have 940.This drop in pin count is not the only change though.
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The ASUS Crosshair III Formula comes packaged in a pleasantly looking box, with the logo on the front showing it's a Republic of Gamers product. On the back are pictures of the board and audio card, as well as the specifications for the Crosshair III. What is unique about this packaging is there is a front flap that opens up on the box, revealing the inside with a view of the motherboard in all its glory.
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Roughly a year ago we reviewed the Asus Crosshair II Formula, based on the Nvidia nForce 780a SLI chipset. This board provided those who were brave enough to pick up a Phenom processor with a stable platform that sported a number of impressive features such as Triple-SLI. At the time we said the Crosshair II Formula was a well designed motherboard that was let down by a power hungry chipset and sub-par processors.
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Buying a new motherboard has many advantages for the hardware enthusiast including updating the chipset, higher overclocks and a new warranty and support for new technologies. ASUS has traditionally targeted the hardcore enthusiast with their high-end motherboards. They have a whole lineup of motherboards targeted towards the gamer: The Republic of Gamers line.
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"The ASUS Crosshair III is based on AMD's 790FX chipset. In this case the board is also equipped with the SB750. The board supports all current socket AM3 CPUs. It also supports DDR3 1600MHz memory and AMD's Crossfire and CrossfireX multi-GPU technologies. It also features 8+2 phase power for stability, ferrite chokes and all solid state capacitors. The Crosshair III Formula isn't quite as packed with features as I expected."