ECS A780GM-A Ultra

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The ECS A780GM-A Ultra motherboard that we are looking at today is a full-size ATX mainboard that is part of the "Black Series." It sports the AMD 780G Chipset coupled with the SB750, which has proven to be a very competitive and great performing combination. The SB750 chipset by AMD supports Advanced Clock Calibration (ACC), a new feature which can allow for higher overclocks on Phenom and Phenom II processors due to some internal adjustments that AMD engineers have done that involves connecting unused pins on the Phenom CPU to the SB750 Southbridge in order to change the CPU's internal timings.
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Only recently AMD launched the Phenom II X4 processor that scored pretty well on our benchmark charts. So we decided to test it with the order of the day, the ECS A780GM-A Ultra motherboard. It has great all-in-one features like 160w CPU support and on board video processor based on the ATI HD3200 that supports Hybrid CrossFire. This board is a great budget board for the AMD processor market.
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The ECS A780GM-A motherboard PCSTATS is reviewing for today is built with AMD's 780G ('RS780') Northbridge and SB700 Southbridge chipsets. The ECS A780GM-A offers a lot of great options for under $85USD, if you can believe it! The ATX sized motherboard supports all Socket AM2+ AMD Phenom and socket AM2 Athlon64 X2/FX/Sempron processors, though certain technologies are only available to AM2+ CPUs. As is typical, four DDR2 memory slots accommodate up to 8GB of dual channel DDR2-1066/800/667/533 system memory. PCSTATS recommends using at least 2GBs of RAM to run Microsoft Windows Vista.